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A7A266 1.33 Temps with 1004 Vers 1002B Bios

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New Member
May 8, 2001
Ok Guys heres what happened.

I was running the 1002B Bios and Flashed to the 1004 My temps went up!
While running the 1002B my temps where 34C/no load, 37C loaded, and when I flashed to the 1004 they went up to 50C/no load and 55C loaded :(

I checked all my settings and set them back to what they were with the 1002B but the temp stayed up!

So I flashed back to the 1002B and the temps went right back to the 34C.
In former post I noticed that some people said that the Asus probe was showing temps to be incorrect?? Anyone else had this problem, and if not is there a different temp probe I can use to get the correct temps??
thats the same thing that happened to me also ,so i'm using 1003b ...what type of hsf do u have on yr cpu , as i'm running a super orb, was free with purchase of 1.333 t bird.. my temps are low 40'swith case cover off and 46-48 with it on
Ok we know then the Temps go up for some reason with 1004!!
I didn't get the 1003 Bios hows it working??

I'm running the Thermoengine V60 4210 with a 38 CFM Fan on it Case on
Getting 34C to 36C depending on Load. But its never over 36C.

I wish I could do VaproChill :) Then I could OC this Baby had it up to 1.7 but Heat was killin me Had to take it down ASAP.

Thanks Darrell
I have an Asus a7v133 with the 1004 Bios and my board also reads 50c no load and 55 load?????????? I have a Taisol its supposed to work for 1.5 gig. It has a delta fan.. Is there software we can download and find out the true temp??
1003b bios works good here, what ive being trying to find out is if a swiftec mc462 hsf will fit on our A7A266 mobo. ive played around ocing my cpu and she does 1570mhz with the super orb ,but my temps went up to 60c and 65c under load. i think if i got rid of the super orb and install a mc462 i think i should get 1.6 also considering water cooling
Well The Question in this case seems to be are we really getting the right Temps!!!!! Or did the new 1004 Bios do something we can't see?? Did it really increase the temps or did it do something to the Asus Probe to show different temps??

I'm cornfused on the whole thing, If I knew the temps were right it would help a lot, But I can't find any software to make a compairison to the Asus Probe.

If I had the Money right now I would go to the VaporChill and forget about the temp :)

But I would like to Know just for myself why the temps went up so much from 1002B to 1004!!

Thanks Darrell
YeS i would like to know if the Bios flash is reading the cpu temp WRONG??????? Or did it really raise the cpu temp?? I know my FAN is OK!!!!!!! I have thermal paste on.. Is there software we can get to show us the real cpu temp???