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Actual GPH from waterpumps

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Feb 28, 2001
I set up my watercooling rig last night and started it off to test for leaks. Its still running after 12hrs with no leaks so it looks solid.
I decided to test the waterflow. I basically set the pump off, waited until it was at full flow then stuck the dump pipe and the end of the line into a container and timed how long it took to output a pint. Then worked it up to GPH (8 pints in a gallon yeah? roughly nehoo).

That gave me 30 GPH. The pump is a Rio 1400 which is rated at 350GPH @ 0ft and about 90 [email protected] . I realise that the pipe/waterblock and radiator diameter will restrict the flow and i'll get no where near 350 GPH and probably not 90GPH. But is 30 enough?

What do you lot get?

My rig consists of a Dangerden waterblock (3/8") and copper cooling cube and 15mm tubing. So the smallest area it ever has to push through is 3/8".

I must say tho....this is great fun. I silicon sealed my mobo last night as ive a peltier too, i hope it still works :)
typical, a bit on the low side
take a look at
to get a feel for coolant flow rates

be cool