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Adventures in new DDR system land....

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Senior Member
Dec 25, 2000
As we last left our fallen hero, MetaXas was puzzled over the failed attempt to get his mighty new rig to start. He has been almost at wits end...when...BOOM...the answer may have hit him in the face....lets now look in to see what's up.

This is what I have been able to come up with:

It happens when it starts to get warm. It has been discovered, that the HEDGEHOG is shifting, ever so slightly when it gets warm, its either grounding out on something or just pulling the cpu on one end hard enough that when it gets warm and expands, one or some of the pins are losing contact. We ran it on its side, and it didn't crash. The cpu tempature never exceeds 107F at 133FSB and running at 100FSB, the temp never goes over 94F. (9 x 100)

What do you people think?

And so, with that, the hero saunters away, pipe in hand, hoping that his **** is not screwed permently.

Water cooling stuff will be here next week, and that is a whole different type of mount, it won't place any strain on the cpu itself, it uses those bolts that go through the mobo.

The End.
Come on you losers...POST...no really, i'm just kidding :) ...its the damndest problem i've ran into. Man, I just hope nothing is broken :)
Maybe everyone is like me, realizing DDR is a waste for the performance boosts you don't, er, barely get.
The same thing happened with the PEP66 I bought from Leufkens. As the clip sagged, the HS pulled away from the chip. The computer locked up so fast that VIA’s Hardware Monitor did not show any increase in temps. The result was a dead 800 Bird. The Hedge Hog is heavy like a PEP66. Be careful, and also, what’s in our hero’s pipe?
Heh, wouldn't you all like to know what's in my pipe. ;D Lets just say, I hate smoking tobacco out of pipes, that's why I have my Marlboro's... ;D