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ahhh getting a clicking sound?? HELP

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Jan 23, 2002
yuba city
hi juz recently iv been getting wierd sound from my hd it kina goes like this

hmmmmmmmmmmmm.. click click hmmmmmmmmmmmm.. click click

it usualy does it about 5-10times and causes my comp to lag

is the my hd going bad??? its a 30gig western digital [i think maby its the 40max but i dont think so]

plz help

tell me whats goen on

thx:confused: :confused:
well run scandisk on it, if its a loud scratching noise its probably bad sectors... but yea backup important info just to be safe. :D
natopotato i like your avatar

thx do u know what its from? its from the linkin park crawling vid

I'm kind of sure that it will fail soon....How old is that drive?

its not very old at all i got it brand new from sams club last july its still under warenty if i can find the stuff

i got a hell of a deal on it. was only 40bux dont ask me it was there last 1 and damn it was a good deal
its prob the mechanism that moves the read write heads going. my pld maxtor 30gig does that too, im trashin it soon.