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asus a7a266 @ a7a266a

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Dec 25, 2000
was just at a site and found that there is a new version of the a7a266. the a7a266a...grrrrrrr this new board has a dip switch with 10 switches thus allowing multiplyer adjustments, where as our a7a266 mobo has a dip switch with 4 switches , i think it's time to call asus and give them a piece of my mind. let all us a7a266 mobo owners complain to asus and maybe we might get a call back on our mobo's and receive a a7a266a. maybe?
I Agree . However ASUS SHOULD release NEW bios for Those of US that have Old version of A7A . It is unfare . Why Didn't asus relese the A7A with enabled Cpu multipliers in the first place ????? I want new BIOS god dammit.

Anyway soon I will perform a MOD on my A7A that will allow me to change CPU multipliers in BIOS. I heared that it worked for a lot of people.... I won't waste my time hoping tha ASUS will release new BIOS with mutlipliers enabled !!!!!

Other than that the BOARD IS GREAT. ROCK Solid. Stable as it can be... Never had a problem,. ...... Unlike Iwill KA266 r .......
well good luck with your mod , i don't know if i would want to do that , as this would void your warrenty 4 your mobo, i can't really afford to lose $280.00 (canadian). we do need a bios update to enable this
A quick question for you guys. I just got an Asus A7A266, and was wondering whether the multiplier settings in the BIOS were locked because I have the L1 Bridge disconnected, or if it is automatically locked, regardless of this. thanks
i have a t bird 1333 with my a7a266 mobo and my L1 bridges are connected , ive tried 3 different bios updates for this board and still cannot change the multiplyers, this mobo allows u to use jumper free mode or jumper mode allowing u to only change the fsb frequencies, (dip switches)does not allow u to change multiplyers.my bios shows me multiplyers settings at 10x only that is it
The a7a266a has been out for a while, at least 3 weeks, as i bought it. it is very nice to have the 10 dip switch block but you don't need it to do any over clocking with this board as you can also do all adjustments to the FSB, Multipliers, and CoreVotage in the Bios.