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AZZA mobo any one know them?

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New Member
Apr 5, 2001
I just bought a new computer AZZA KT133BX/ duron700 I cant find any info on that board, I decided it wasn't fast enuf after purchace (no resurch) and there is no multiplyer setings in the BIOS is there anything I can do or am I SOL???
Sorry to inform you, bro, but that Azza board is thoroughly a POS. I built a computer for a friend with that board and a Duron 700 and no, there is no way to adjust CPU multiplier. His computer, in addition, has had endless problems with the IDE controllers and I am considering trying to get an RMA for the thing and maybe getting a KT133A so he can overclock a little. There are lots of other budget socket A motherboards that I would recommend before I would recommend this board. it's a definite "avoid" product.

your only chance at oc'ing is to manipulate the L bridges on the cpu and force the change. I myself would rather buy a new board over chopping and patching my cpu.Does that make sense? LOL ;)