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best firewire card/controller?

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Feb 25, 2002
hey guys

im looking to getting a firewire card for my comp, i have a sony digital 8 camcorder and i want to get avi's on my comp...whats the best one? thas compatible too.
I don't know much about individual firewire controllers. But I do know that the Sound Blaster Audigy cards come with good firewire controllers. I have one and it works great. So you could buy a brand new awesome video card, and a firewire controller at the same time. win/win how I see it.

My 2¢
hmm, thanks man, but i dont really need a vid card.
ill look into it though.

Please forgive me, I was tired when I wrote that. The Sound Blaster Audigy is a SOUND CARD. I am a dope and I hope you re-read this post. It is an awesome sound card, not a video card. Oh geez, I needed to sleep more than I needed to be on oc.com when I wrote that. :rolleyes:
actually the firewire port on the audigy sux ***, well compared to a normal controller card. i saw a review about it, the guy hooked up a firewire solid state hard drive to it and the transfer rate between the audigy and the controller card was a 150mb/s difference. and it got a lot worse when there was sound playing. the port on the audigy is great for firewire cameras (picture cameras), because the filesize is kinda low. but if you are transfering huge videofiles you will notice a large difference in times.
i beleive the article was on tomshardware but i could be mistaken, ill look for it again.