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BIOS flash questions

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Nov 11, 2002
Cornelius, NC
I just put together my 8k5a2+ machine, things are running well except now I'm getting some flaky USB problem where the mouse will stop for a second and Windows XP will make that default sound like its detecting the USB device again and then it frees up and does it all over again in few seconds. Almost like its in a loop of some sort. So my questions are?

1) Anyone ever experienced this before?
2) Could updating the BIOS from the one out of the box possibly help?
3) How do I verify my current BIOS version?
4) Has anyone used that Magic Flash program that comes bundled?

Magic Flash does give me some BIOS info that's dated 8/15/02 but I can't match any version numbers similar to the ones that are talked about here. It says 6A6LVPAB. It also gives me the message "Cannot get new BIOS information!" :( when I have it check.

Thanks in advance. :)
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Not silly at all. I didn't have USB 2.0 support enabled but the mouse still worked but even after I enabled it, it still does the same thing.
I think there is also "USB Mouse support" and "USB Keyboard support" in bios in addition to USB 2.0.

I'm not sure what else it could be. I have an 8K3A+ so I'm not sure if options are the same.

You might try posting your question HERE and see if someone there might be able to help.
I had a problem were whenever I would boot up the computer and it would get to the WinXP welcome screen the mouse would stop responding (the optical light would go off) and I would have to unplugg it and plug it back into the USB port. I think it was do to some sound card drivers, but it mysteriously stopped happening.

The 8/15 bios was the official bios. Now I think they have another official bios that came out a little while ago. Along with some beta bios's in between.
I couldn't tell you if there is a newer BIOS out for your board, though I bet there is. I doubt it would solve your USB problem though.
What version of the Via 4in1's are you using? I'd use the latest. If there is an option for USB mouse support, I'd enable it. I'd also try assigning the USB an IRQ if you have that option.
Another good site for USB problems is www.usbman.com
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up2Tim said:
I think there is also "USB Mouse support" and "USB Keyboard support" in bios in addition to USB 2.0.

USB Mouse and USB Keyboard support in the BIOS is meant for legacy DOS programs. It really has no bearing for Windows whether it's on or off. The only time I even turn it on is when I use Ghost.

EDIT: There's a bug in the last batch of BIOS for the 8K5A2+ and the 8K9A2+ that makes it so you have to disable these functions if you have RAID enabled. With them enabled, it will hang on the Highpoint detection screen and not go into the boot process. I presume they'll fix this bug in the next BIOS release.