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CAK38 Global Win

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May 7, 2001
Anyone using one of these to cool their chip? If so, how does it compare to a stock heatsink and fan? I ordered one for my 1.3 and was wondering if I just threw cake away. Again, it had some good reviews but advertising is everything...heh. Thought I would ask from some people that have had first-hand experience. Thx.
You will not be disappointed w/ the CAK38. I'm currently using one to cool my PIII 850 @ 1037. The highest load temperature I've seen is during Unreal Tournament or Prime95..Usually 40-41c. The ambient temps in my apartment stink..usually 27-29c so that's not bad performance.

The only downside to the CAK or probably any Copper HSF is that it retains its heat longer and tends to warm up the inside of your PC case. Be sure to have at least 1 intake and 1 exahust fan. I could not run w/ a closed case until I added some fans.
Installing my cak 38 as we speak and since im a newbie, take this as a beginners experience. First of all its loud... later tonight im making a hole and making it wide in my slide door bedroom closet and thats where im placing the whole box.

On the temp side im getting some weird readings... i assume it wasnt connecting close to the cpu on the first try as my readings where 66c before i quickly shut the power and reseated the hsf. Im getting low 30's in a ambient temperature of 23c. Under high load for the last 20 mins doing rendering and i was getting about 49c (still seems high though 59c was what the stock hsf was giving me). Added the clipon students desk fan to the side of the computer and its dropped to 46c.

Im too new at this to give you a real rating at this point. Think in a minute im going to remove the hsf one last time and check (my theory is this hsf is not quite as tight to the cpu as the other one but ill know in a minute).

goodluck on yours
Pmores..if you have the clip that comes w/ the CAK38...it applys 16-22ft/lbs of force. What cpu are you running..at what speed? What kind of HSF did you have before?

As I mentioned in the earlier post above...if you don't have case ventilation, the CAK38 can overheat your case and in-turn your processor. I ran into that problem and had to get a new case and make some mods.

I added a 80mm fan to the side cover of the case...in line w/ the inlet of the Delta fan...that assures fresh air to the HSF and not case air. I also added an exahust fan in line w/ the delta exahust...works like a charm...good luck all
In reference to my earlier post, guess i was lucky i didnt damage the chip, i had dropped the whole disassembled hsf and when putting it back together i reversed the clip back to normal. Needless to say, the indent was on the wrong side. Now at 41c.

As for the chip, its a axia 1200 at 9x133 for now, overclocking soon after playing a bit more on a k7a-raid. Not worried about overheating the case though, side was never on. Ive got some imac colored 6in student fan for $15 canadian ill be reclipping to the case before putting it in the closet In fact ill put it on now and see if theres a difference with the case horizon on the desk. Nope, playing with various angles on the fan including not present is making about a 1c difference.

For the original poster's info, guess having it clipped in right adds another 5c of cooling.
Well, I have a CAK38. My problem is my PS. My 5V will go down randomly and cause the temps to go up, and also cause my comp to become unstable. Although, when the 5V stays where it is supposed to, my temps stay at about 36C while websurfing, and OC'd to 1200 right now. I leave the side off too. Atleast until my new PS gets here.