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Client: V7.4.15 in open beta testing

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May 30, 2004
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New FAH software client: V7.4.15 in open beta testing

August 23, 2016 by Vijay Pande ·

I am happy to announce we have a new client ready for beta testing. This client makes some important improvements over the v7.4.4 release. In addition to a number of bug fixes, this release adds better support for matching the number of CPUs available on a system to the number of CPUs projects can actually handle. This will get some [email protected] clients, which are currently not getting work, folding again.

We also have added our first 64-bit release for Windows. Due to the number of Windows clients, we have prioritized the Windows beta test, but the OSX release should be available for testing soon. Finally, we have made improvements to GPU detection but more works remains. We hope to solve the current problems with multi-GPU detection during this open-beta test.

Our internal testing team has worked extensively testing this new release. We believe it is in good shape but it is essential that we test the code on a broader variety of machines. If you do run in to problems with this beta software please post a message at foldingforum.org with your OS version, the client package you installed, what you expected to happen and what actually happened. Posting log files is also very helpful.

As always, we greatly appreciate the efforts of those who help us test our software. Correctly functioning and efficient software is a huge part of making [email protected] successful and ultimately finding cures for diseases. We look forward to hearing from you in the forums!

More details can be found in the forum: FAHClient V7.4.15 (Open-Beta)



May 31, 2004
Why would 64bits help the client?
The cores do all the work and the client
just sits there and reports the results.

More a cosmetic thing I suppose.


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Sep 7, 2013
Interface seems a bit more flat, I like it actually. At least the scroll bars and buttons look more flat. Or maybe it's just me.
Running smoothly for now.


Sometimes the font can be hard to read, like it was overlapped: Capture2.PNG


Likes the big ones n00b Member
Sep 7, 2013
Everythings is running smoothly! No issues with Jr.Clocker's app either between the two. :thup:

I think ill go ahead and try it out on the folding server as well. I cant see any issues with that.