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Considering the possibility of a custom loop. Where do I start?

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Jul 7, 2013
Okay so when I say where do I start, I mean where do I start looking for good parts. Trying to get a ballpark estimate on how much it'd be to start a small custom loop for my CPU that might possibly be expanded to include the GPU if I ever actually do it. I hear some AIO coolers from Fractal and Alpha Cool are designed that you can safely remove the tubing and connect it to a reservoir as a sort of starter loop. Would this be a good starting point? Anything else I need besides a pump, CPU block, radiator, resrvoir, and tubing?
Are you planning to do rigid or flex tube?
Check out Performance-PCS.com and browse their kits and parts.
I've ordered from them a few times recently, great place to order from.
And look for fans designed to blow through radiators and not general case fans.
Fittings don't forget the fittings and make sure they fit your style and size of tubing.
for a custom loop figure $300.
when you pick your first radiator, pick one bigger than you think you will need, that way you will have enough rad when you add the gpu or anything else.
the other advantage to having way to much radiator is you can turn your fans way down and not have to hear them.
Fittings don't forget the fittings and make sure they fit your style and size of tubing.

This x100. I bought the wrong fittings twice now by mistake and nothing is more frustrating than having everything ready and not being able to put the system together due to a wrong $1 fitting.
For the grabbing extra radiator space than I think I need part. If I buy a rad for every single fan mount in my case is that going to present a problem? Would there be negative reprecussions for not having any normal case fans ventilating the system?