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ddr ram

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Dec 31, 2000
can anyone tell me what is the best brand of pc2100 ddr for overclocking? I saw micron, samsung and corsair brands pc2100 (256 mb 2.5CL, unbuffered) for around $200-220, is one better than the other?
I typicaly like the Crucial and Kingmax brands of PC2100 with the crucial being a slightly better option if you do not mind increasing the voltage, the Kingmax however performs exceptionally well on default voltages but theres not much between them from my experiences.
Those prices seem a quite steep side, but I agree with UnseenMenace. Don't be too cheap when buying RAM, or you may find that that cheap RAM cost you your overclock. (And isn't that what we're all about?)

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Hahaha, I got a 512 Meg stick of generic PC2100 for ~$140 and run at 164 FSB with MAX timings at 2.7V!

What are you looking at for $200+? Are you canadian?

Also, if you really wanna overclock why not look into PC2700 or something, that way it won't be out of spec at all even with 166 FSB, it'll be garaunteed to work at that high a speed. And yeah, it'll work on a board that wants PC2100.

I think Kingmax was the best PC2100. It got to 160fsbs without any voltage (Mine needs voltage :D)

He might be living in Canada to get those prices or something... or somewhere else.
I'm canadian and I can get 256mb of samsung cas2 ram at www.ncix.com for $96. If your american you'll be able to get american prices as well. This ram does cas2 not problem.

I would get the samsung if it's cheapest.
crucial ram is awesome you can get a 256 stick for maybe like 60 bucks now mine only goes up to 155 at max settings but i guess thats better thsn nothing