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Denki? Delta? Advice for my MC462A please

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Feb 2, 2001
Delray Beach FL
My Swiftech 462A has arrived. Looks great. Much to my surprise it didn't have an RPM monitor. I emailed Swiftech and Gabe replied (almost instantaneously) that the Delta fan doesn't have one but I can swap it for a Sanyo Denki.

Advice needed. Is cooling impacted by switching to the Sanyo? Should I do the swap?
What is the spec's on the S/D? I really don't like my Delta because even with the rheostat on low it still whines. The Delta has a set of fixed veins that straightens out the air before it reaches the heat sink. The Delta creates 15p of pressure. That is 3 times better than most fans. I e-mailed Gabe asking for another fan selection. I hate the Delta!

Need S/D model number. If its the 80x25 36cfm unit, it will be a disappointment when you are running 3D games, cpu stress tests, scientific modelling (read full load apps). I have both, and the whine is worth the performance. If you rarely run full load cpu apps, then the S/D will work fine. Now, if you want to adapt the Sunon 55cfm 92mm down to 80mm, that works almost as well as the Delta and it is no louder than my case fans. I made an adapter out of sheet metal, kind of a square funnel.

Gabe from Swiftech e-mailed me stating that Sanyo Fan creates 45dBa. The only fan that I can match to that is P/N 1090812A202 80mm 4500rpm 53cfm. That is only 3dBa less than the Delta rating.

3db isn't that much, but don't most people complain about the pitch of the Delta? I think I'll hook it up to a spare power supply and just see what it does sound like. Oh, Gabe also said that they have the rheostats from another supplier so I'll get one of those.