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does antifreeze increase temps a lot?

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Lt. Max

Jan 28, 2002
Seattle, but im Estonian
my friend in canada added anti freeze to his water because it started to freeze (he put his rez outside) and now his temps went from 30 to 36 full load after he added a 50:50 mix.. (btw its high in the first place cause of a crappy pump)

so.. is antifreeze really affecting the temp so much?

It shouldn't at least not the high. I run anti-freeze in both my direct die cooling and my pelt cooled one. With the direct die cooling my temps stay bout a !degree below ambeint.
Propylene glycol anti-freeze mix is not as efficient as pure water in transferring heat, but nowhere near the 6 degrees C you describe.
Really, a 50/50 mix is a bit of overkill, unless he's operating in outdoor temps of -34 or lower.
Tell him to get a better pump and add some Water Wetter (available at Canadian Tire), and he can keep his res indoors.
As you describe it now, he should be sub-ambient, if his pump is adequate and the res is freezing.

Tell him to take care of the primary, before worrying about the secondary.