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duron...unlocked multiplyer?

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Senior Member
Jan 9, 2001
Hamilton, Ontario
i was reading something that my favorite senior member wrote (Tim) he was saying something about the multiplyer on the durons being unlocked perhaps i misunderstood? can some1 clarify
Any durons/tbirds made before week 23 2000 are mutliplier unlocked - after this AMD started locking the multiplier by cutting the famous 'L1' bridges with a laser. It's possible to unlock the multiplier by joining all the L1 bridges with a conductive material - graphite in pencil lead often works fine, but the most reliable way is to use a conductive pen (designed for repairing broken tracks on pcbs) or rear window defroster repair kit from a automotive repair shop. Here's a guide explaining how to unlock:
And here's an article from Tom's Hardware with better pictures (just ignore everything about the L7's etc - only conect the 4 L1's):