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Enable DDR333 on P4S333

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Mar 14, 2002
Which setting do I use in Jumper free mode to run memory at 166 mhz??A little sysinfo...

P4 [email protected] stock voltage
Corsair XMS2700(256mb)
P4s333(bios ver.1003)

I think I can push the CPU further but wont even boot at 134fsb.Any help will be greatly appreciated..Thanx


Mysteriously Changing Senior
Dec 19, 2000
In Thelemac's Basement Eating the Chickens
Welcome to overclockers.com GSX1300r.

Try a program like sandra to make shure your ram bandwidth actually went up. I have the P4S333-M which is the same board but its micro atx. My ram scores are a lot better with 1:1 than 4:3 for some reason. All the timings at both settings were as fast as they can go so thats not the problem. I really hope this problem is fixed with a later bios version. I have no idea if its the same on your board but try it to make shure.


Mar 14, 2002
Thanx 4 da welcome Bender!

My BW sucked at auto and 1.1 and 4.3
Got the highest at 5.3......2414,2412
Also Asus finally answered my email and said 5.3 enables 166mhz...BTW what mem settings did you use?
Im running 2.5,2,2 and 7?..Had now idea what the last setting means so I left it alone.Maybe you can clear it up for me!


Nov 29, 2001
finally i got it too - the 166 memory thanks your posts.

Mem-bandw. in sandra 2002 is now 2353 - very close to 2450 of rdram. :)

Unfortunately every try to enter 134Mhz FSB ore above makes my bios (1.03) complaining and not booting any more. Could bios 1.04 help get more out of my mashine??...