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EOC stats week ending 4 Mar 16.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
This week we lead off with the big news from last month. As a team, we produced over 1 billion points and even with the extra day from the leap year, this accomplishment was done in the shortest month of the year. WOW wow wow! Holy smokes and whatever! This is a team first. WOOT WOOT!

Today we also have a conquest on our list. [H]ardOPC. Just 24.6 years to catch them at this pace. Now we all know that this isn’t a threat to them but still…. We have no teams on our threats list so that is good as well. Great job team 32!

The top 20 in our team’s ppd has little change but some big numbers none the less. All of the top 10 are earning 1 million ppd or better.

Macaholic 7 million
HayesK 6.9 million
RoXQi3x 3 million
Torin3 1.9 million
P4EE 1.9 million
hardass 1.4 million
RamonetB 1.2 million
OC3d 1.2 million
ConundrumLR 1.1 million
orion456 1.1 million

Looking more closely at the numbers above, it appears that some of our members have increased their ppd. Nice! In the forum, Torin3 has posted some of his more recent troubles concerning oil in the air and the effects that has on his cooling solutions. Mac and Hayes are still slugging it out in the Meep! Meep! thread. All good reads.

The top 20 round out with t1nm4n, KingScrud, JrClocker, chuckerants, Jaymz9350, zspaldin, prine81, don256us, eQuinOx and gabi Golan all earning 392k or more ppd. In looking through the threads, you can see that prim81 is getting ready to make a move on some teammates so keep an eye out for that.

In looking at the threads in the “Folding” section of the forum, it looks like many of our old timers are looking to up the ante. Many of these guys have been folding steady for years and form the backbone of the team from year to year. Their increase in production will give us a great boost in the years to come. Thanks guys for all of your years of involvement. It is of value and greatly appreciated.

On the individual front:
Macaholic will hit 700 million points in less than 5 days
KingScrud just hit 90 million
t1nm4n will reach 80 million today
folding monkeys just earned 60 million
Jaymz9350 will earn 60 million in 4 days

There is a lot of movement in the 20 million point milestone, enough to warrant its own paragraph. Keep an eye on these guys. They are looking to make some big moves in the days to come. If they are on your threats list, you’d better pick up the pace or get run over. We’d prefer that you pick up the pace but do what you can do and there is nothing more we can ask.

Nihilus, deeppow and JrClocker will reach 30 million within the week
ConundrumLR just earned 20 million and will reach 30 million in 3 days.
prime81 just earned 20 million

__Console__ will earn 6 million in less than 3 days
Jimbob7 will earn 4 million in 4.5 days
HankB and altoids1 just earned 3 million

JrClocker just made it to the top 100 on the team. t1nm4n just made the top 50. Way to go!

Guys, we are doing some great things out there. Keep it up.

If you have a personal milestone that was not mentioned, please add it in the comments below. I am known to miss many great things and we all want to know what you’ve done.

Now go out there and get ‘em!


Feb 8, 2008
Odessa, Texas
I'm hoping to break the 1 million ppd club, planning to pickup a couple 970s or perhaps a second 980ti. Wife does need an upgrade :D


Jun 24, 2007
I just hit the 10 million mark for team 32. Onward to 20 million. Hoping to get to 100k ppd which should help move things along.


Jun 12, 2005
I should of hit 80mil yesterday, but for some reason the WU gods didn't like me and they gave me some (I guess they are all geared for NVidia really) wu's that were really bad for AMD cards. I just hope I can hit (for one week if nothing else) 1mil average for the week before this cool front leaves Texas, but I doubt it will happen. \

I'll be back to my 500k+ here in a couple of weeks I assume, Just hope that will keep me in the top 20 when all this new equipment gets put into use and I get passed up by people. There's always next winter and throwin everything I have plus the kitchen sink to churn out wu's. This game is fun, but it's not for the average gamer who want's results right now, it's a refined game of patience and resources (equipment and/or financial).