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Fairly new to Water Cooling Need Advice.

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I disabled one fan set at a time still the pump noise. I shutdown the system ad shook it all around, still the pump noise. Sent same video to Swiftech and the are going to RMA it. That's twicw now for the Maelstrom V2. Happens again I'm going to need a refund and a different Bay res/pump.

Can't say for sure but it might be Swiftechs QC acting up again. They had issues with their pumps in past in the H220 kits and the likes. Manufacturer debris was found in the loops or inside the pump but can't say for sure if this is true in this case. Who knows.

That's unfortunate that its your second time but whats got to be done needs to be done. There are great bay/res combo's out there that will go great with your build. One that comes to mind is the Monsoon Series Two Premium with the pump adapter and colored trim of your choice.

Hope this gets resolved.
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I got the Maelstrom V2 in today and installed. Had a hard time getting it to pump, but after about 20 bumps for 10 - 15 seconds it finally took off. This one is a good one my temps dropped approx. 5C and way more quite. Hopefully this puts the Maelstrom saga to bed.
So far so good will be a whole week tomorrow and no noise to speak of. YEEHHHAW! It's just to bad it took 3 tries to get it right. But I do appreciate Swiftech support in this matter they were A++++. :thup:
Glad it's working right for you :)

This is a prime example of why I like companies like EVGA, G.SKILL, and Swiftech.
Their customer support is quick and painless.