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Finally delided my 3770K

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The Printer Guru
Feb 9, 2002
I know their is a lot of guides out there concerning deliding ect so im not going to do anything like that here.

I will say most guides do not tell you how easy this is to do.

dont bother trying to delid your cpu with a exacto knife blade i tried this and its the reason it took me so long to re attempt it again. its too thick and will not work well to remove the lid easily.

If your going to do this use a super thin razor blade like a blade that goes in a single blade razor or what i used was one of those thin sharp replaceable scraper blades you can use for removing glue off a window or paint off glass.

after getting the right razor i had the lid off the cpu within basically 1 min.

it cut through the glue like a hot knife through butter.

then i took the blade and gently scraped / cut away the remaining glue off the edges of the spreader and cpu if your careful and don't push hard and stupidly i cant see anyone ruining a cpu doing this.

after everything was cleaned up i put some mx-2 on the die - put the IHS back on and clamped down the IHS in the socket with the latch mechanism.

Reinstalled the XSPC water block and fired up the pc.

Results are 25-30*C temp drops under load across the board depending on the Core.

I upped the OC on the chip from 4.6 to 4.8 Ghz and with this chip it took alot more voltage to do so and im still 5-10*C lower in temps @ 200Mhz higher clocks and a huge increase to voltage.

Its quite simply the largest difference in cooling i have had on my system it was even a larger difference in cooling then going from CM Hyper 212 Evo to Water Cooling XSPC Raystorm block with overkill amounts of rads and flow.

Highly recommend to anyone with a IVY or haswell cpu that may have heat issues or stability issues.


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Just remember you can not Delid sandybridge cpu's xtkxhom3r they are soldered on your 2600k is sandybridge.
Which is why they run so much cooler then ivy/haswell.
rgr i just wanted to mostly raise awareness that its not as scary as some people may think it is.

Going through other info on the web about it I was actually quite woried because people managed to damage their chips and you know what i assume those people used either
Dull Blades - or thick box cutter blades to do it i know in one video i saw they were indeed deliding with a boxcutter.

after knowing the difference in difficulty between the two blades i figured i should make a post distinguishing between the two so people don't make that mistake and damage the chip due to having to push too hard on the blade it self.

with these thin razor blades i had the lid off in less then 1 min of gently pushing it in because the gap from the glue is about as thick as the blade itself almost or not much thinner.

The next time i have my HTPC out of the cabinet i will likely delid the 3570k thats in it just for that extra 20*C or what ever to keep fans down.