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Flashing Windows phone to win10 Lumia 1020

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Jul 30, 2014
Hi there,

Just wanting to know if anyone has managed to flash a lumia 1020 from windows 8 to windows 10 with success? I see guides online but im iffy and don't want to flash something if I can't go back.

Any help would be really appreciated.


While i have not myself, you should be able to use the Windows Device Recovery Tool to recover to Windows Phone 8.1 regardless of what image you were using.

I did a fair bit of testing on my Lumia 920 which was unsupported also & was always able to flash back to default image without issue using said tool.

Ok I think my device is bricked. I am trying to get my phone back into a working status had done a serious amount of reading before posting now and nothing seems to be working. I think if I understand the process correctly. I have flashed 10.0.10586.36 for the 920 and something has gone wrong and in the process of trying to get things sorted out the bootloader is now locked I essentially need to unlock this so I can reflash the correct firmware to the phone. My problem is the only files I have from the rar I downloaded is the MainOS EFIESP and Data files (all .bin) I require the original FFU file to flash back to the phone to try and fix up the recovery data on the phone as the lot is messed up once I have done this I can then hopefully unlock the bootloader which should then enable me to use WDRT to flash back to the correct software as right now the process in WDRT has the software already downloaded but fails to flash (since I think all the files etc that have been flashed are either corrupt or don't work at all).

I have managed to find the sbl3 engineerfiles online need the FFU file unless there is someway to recreate it with the files I mentioned above any help would be really appreciated.


Managed to get close to fixing the issue
Here is the error I got I am unsure how to reverse search with the data I have so I can get the file;

0x00030007: The boot loaders in FFU file are not signed for this device.
RKH of device: 0CBD2EED6F62230571CBAB55B7DBC15F8A7DC7BB3F37C1E7E4E5ADC77152FBC2.
RKH of FFU image: 00E9427DF118D9E27D098D13BECB6C6C89CE59F4ECCF5549C49BC0DB952A6BB4
Looks like its bricked tried various ways to revive it none working. Device recovery tool won't install the software and keeps trying to download different version software. I heard that if I open the unit it will say the make/model/code for the software I need for the device is this true?

Also had a look online at a vid to open 920/1020 lumias but mine doesn't seem to have a screw in the top to begin getting access to the device ? any help would be appreciated.