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for you hot rodders

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Jun 17, 2001
anyone remember the velocity stack it was like a big funnel to put on top of your 4bbl carb.I made one for my hsf fan it lowered my temp by 2 degrees.hope this helps some one,maybe now I need headers? patent applied for & pending
I don't know anything about hot rodding. You mean you put a funnel going to the fan? How wide is it? How tall is it?

It could be it is pulling in air that is a little cooler because it is a little distant from the hot outlet of the HSF, and forcing the hot air to go further before it re-enters the inlet, so diluting the heat.
I think some fellas have done this with old vacuum cleaner hoses for ducting. Basically done by drawing in the air directly from the outside of the casing. It's somewhat effective if you have anemic case ventilation.
actually used the bottom of a plastic cup same diameter of fan and about 1.5 inches high it is a little wider at the top, i believe it pulls in cooler air instead of recirculating air by the hsf. I think i need to change one of my fans near cpu and make it exhaust instead of pulling air in.I have 3intake &1exhaust +the psu fan blowing out.
just some 2 inch tape for now not duct tape I am planning on upgrading my hsf & fan combo
i have a 2m piece of dryer-hose running from my case to the window... a 120mm high-output sunon fan pulls cold air in right over the hsf!! makes a big difference in winter!
velocity stacks are neat, there is some complicated aerodynamics going on there, dryer hose?
coldmop (Jul 01, 2001 06:31 a.m.):
velocity stacks are neat, there is some complicated aerodynamics going on there, dryer hose?

Some guy had a site showing how he ran a hose to a window air conditioner near the computer.
I made another modification . I Put on a wider velocity stack, with an 80mm fan in it, my hsf fan rpm went up from 4500 to 5500rpm.Temp went down 2 more degrees