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FREE 2gig Email!!

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Its MSN email... It probably will come with 250 megs of free spam per day. :p
No joke, one time I registered a Hotmail account (before I used SpamGourmet) and the first time I logged in, 5 minutes after it was created but before I signed up for anything with it, I had spam.

Also, if you think about it, doesn't POP3 defeat the purpose of gig+ webmail? They give you the space so you never have to delete anything. Downloading with POP3, you normally tell it to delete messages from the server. Oh well. :beer:
Yeah, I was worried about spam too, but so far so good. I think it behooves you not to click on any "interests" when registering for the email.
I mentioned outlook just so people wouldn't have to deal with the msn interface. I believe if you specify not to dump the email in a personal folder it will stay on the server. Either way it's free and takes less than a minute to set up. :)
I think the purpose of 2 gig is so you can send very large files through the server...my road runner only lets me send files 6 megs and under....but i could be wrong about this.
I heard this deal was expried on a different form. Oh well, I'll try it tonight and see what happens.

And about the spam -> I've had a hotmail account for like 3 years now (same account) and have never got spam in it. I get a little but only b/c I signed up for newsletters but dont want them anymore. To my knowledge, I dont have any anti-spam stuff set up. It works good for me I guess.
Ok well why does it say this account costs 19.95 per year. Someone is scamming us. Sign up and it is going to be deleted down to 200 mb or something worthless in a month when you dont pay.

The MSN® Hotmail® Plus yearly subscription of $19.95 plus tax includes 2 gigabytes of total MSN Hotmail account space, the ability to send larger attachments, no graphical ads, access to the MSN Hotmail mailbox via Microsoft® Office Outlook® or Outlook Express, exemption from the account expiration policy and 30MB of MSN Groups storage. Refund only available if canceled within one month from purchase. You must agree to the MSN Subscription Agreement to access the service. A valid major credit card is required. At the end of your current MSN Hotmail Plus subscription period, you will have your subscription automatically renewed, and your credit card will be automatically charged for the price which is current at that time, until you cancel your subscription or select an alternative plan. Prices and services subject to change. MSN Hotmail Plus accounts that are in good standing are exempt from automatic e-mail deletion due to inactivity.
the best solutions is to just become the person in charge of your companies email :) and get as many gigs free that you want :D and make as many aco****s as you want MUAHAHAHHAHAAH!