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Freezing a CT-479

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Feb 20, 2007
Anyone here ever put a CT-479 adapter subzero?

Im looking at the adapter and trying to figure out how I will mount my tube on top of it....

The only problem that I find is the power connector for the adapter itself. Its a big, bulky thing, and although Im pretty dang sure its going to clear the pot itself, Im also pretty dang sure its NOT going to clear the armaflex insulation around the bottom of the pot....

Im thinking I can just cut out a small "chunk" of armaflex right in front of the connection to prevent any destruction from the foam exerting pressure on it, but still try to keep enough there to insulate it from the tube, but Im not sure how that will work out until I try to mount for the first time.

Can I slather the whole entire power connector with dielectric grease just in case there is some condensation that develops from the decreased armaflex?

Also, Im wondering about running a voltmodded CT479 subzero. It looks like the same piece of armaflex insulation (under the holddown plate) is going to be putting intense pressure directly on the adapter PCB where the mods will be soldered. Its going to have to be some seriously sturdy soldering to withstand a high pressure mounting......

Also, now that I think about it, I will need to insulate the CT479 with clear nail polish or conformal coating the same way I would the area around the socket of a motherboard as well.....correct? Just the top-side, or top and bottom do you think? I assume top and bottom since there will be an air pocket between the mobo PCB and the CT479, which can allow frost to develop.

Any advice appreciated. I can post pics of the adapter and its orientation on the board if necessary.



Jun 3, 2006
Okay insulation gets a bit hard here. Lots of dielectric, definitly conformal coat or nail polish (preferably LET) the entire device back and front (AND WATCH THOSE PINS N HOLES!). As for vmods, keep em low profile, and add LET to them to anchor them a bit after. As for the power connector, desolder it and put it back on at an angle!
Good luck and take pics.
As for getting the pot on there, you can make an expansion bracket. Basically using the mobo's original mounting holes, take some delrin, cut a 1" x 1/2", drill a hole on either end and tap, then screw that in to mobo on one end, rotate the other hole out past the adapator, and mount to that.


DRAM Guru Senior
Feb 26, 2004
You are probably aware of most of this, but just in case some might be helpful, I'll include it.

1) Shim for protecting the core:


2) modding the power connector so that it lays flat, as opposed to upright, plus fix the jumpers by soldering:


3) Mounting alternative:


I've got tons of pics related to Dothan mounting and modding, but they are on another PC not connected to the Interne anymore. Maybe tomorrow I can hook it up and upload a few.
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Feb 20, 2007
Reefa you are DA MAN :)

Good stuff there! I was not aware of using the shim, and the pics definitely help alot.

Ive only just started with the CT-479 and have only connected it just to make sure its functional, but I do plan on terrorizing the s479 scores on hwbot after the bench team finishes up with Forum Wars 2008 :)

If you have more pictures/advice, anything you can contribute would be greatly appreciated!

Hey, as motivation I will dangle a PC3500 bh-5 stick in front of you like a carrot with a rabbit :D



Mar 6, 2008
thanks all for the pictures ! learn something new everyday:) & pictures speak a 1000 words :beer: