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Gigabyte m68m-s2p won't let me oc

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Sep 18, 2016
I have the motherboard listed above, ver 2,3 and it's paired with an athlon II x4 640, which needs a much needed oc. I've tryed a few times oc-ing but no luck, the mobo just enter in safe mode when i push him to 3,1 Ghz, raise the voltage to 1,4, set ram to stay in the 800 mhz range, and set the NB multiplyer down -x1, disable c'n Q, and core control to manual, also i've tryed different combos with those settings voltages and even reflash bios (thought it was damaged) but i can't oc it, this thing just can't take it, also i have tryed with the EasyTuner in windows and over 205 fsb= freeze.
I know that's a ****ty mobo but others have managed to oc, but mine it's just garbage, any ideas?
HT link speed has to stay below 2000 on that board. It is really only an AM2 board.
I've tryed to keep it around 1000, that's by default. I'll put some pics with my bios and how i've tryed to oc it.
//I've tryed again to oc it, just by your answer and worked a lil, sometimes post ok sometimes goes in default settings it's crazy.
cpu load no oc.png Idle cpu no oc.png
Those two are w/o oc just stock.

My bios

1st try, highlited options i've disabled and just bump the fsb to 205 no voltages changed, it posted but sometimes not.

... my beloved background, makes me happy ...(the mobo going to default settings)

I modified those and i was able to go with it to post even with fsb to 220, but when i try to go even more he won't take it, raised the voltages, nope, tryed fsb 250 and cpu ratio x14 with ram at x3.33 and nb to 4x to have a perfect situation with 800 mhz ram 1000 ht link and 3,5 ghz with +0.100V, but idk why is not working, i'm pretty noob with oc but i think the basics is there.. thought i'd mentioned that.
Also i've run prime95 half hour and i got a 60 C temp.
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That motherboard is has a weak power phase component and is not going to let you OC that CPU very much at all.