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Good Barton temps for server?

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May 1, 2003
East of Cleveland, Oh
My friend just bought a Barton to use as a server in his home. I was surprised to find idle temps above 40 C. I think the max die temp is something like 55 C, but we don't want to go there. This is a Barton 2600, in an Asus A7N8X deluxe mobo, with the case off, until we finish configureing. I had told him to get a different HS/fan, but this was what was available... a Top Motor fan? Anyway, he will get something else, what temps (not overclocked) should we be OK with? My computer runs at 40 C most of the time, I can get it cooler by turning the fan up faster and louder, but I AM overclocked... He wants a QUIET cooler, his Antec case has a 92 MM fan out the back, thermostatically controlled. Would 45C under load be OK, or would that jeapordize his CPU life?
no 55c will not jeopardize AMD cpu life at all, this is fairly normal temps unless you get a 50db vantec fan with a thermalright heatsink or something like that, if load temps are getting over 60 however i would look into reseating the heatsink on the chip or POSSIBLY a new heatsink/fan, but prob just need to reapply some thermal gel and put the heatsink on again
His temps are fine for an AMD system. If you guys are still worried about the temps though there are a couple things you can do.

Since he wants a quiet case I would go with Panaflo fans. They are some of the quietest fans you will find and of exceptional quality. My suggestion for the rear of the case would be the Panaflo 92mm producing 48cfm at 30dba (don't let the dba fool you these are very quiet). Also another FBA09A12M would be excellent for the HSF. To use it on the HSF it would imply getting a different heatsink. A good example would be one of the Thermalright’s.

Does he have a fan in the front of the case? If so I would suggest either the 92mm Panaflo I previously mentioned or if possible 2 FBA08A12L 80mm Panaflo's producing 24cfm at 21dba. I say 2 80mm because they would equal the output of the rear fan. You always want to try and keep positive pressure inside the case or come as close as possible.

To go even further you could lap the bottom of the HSF to 2000 grit, polish it then sparingly apply AS5. To apply the AS5 just follow Arctic Silver's application guide. This setup would drop the temps considerably and make for a nice quiet case. :)
The case is a Concerto (I think), with piano black finish, that has a front-mounted PS and a single rear fan, pulling air out right near the two 250GB SATA Maxtors. All of this appears fine, quiet and reliable. The problem being, he doesn't want to go as wild as I with my SK7/Smart Fan 2 setup, since his CPU is operating at standard speed. His "quiet" HS/fan is not as quiet as he had hoped. We DID the research, but he took the easy way out!
Anyway, I guess the core question is, what temps are normal/expected for a stock frequency CPU? We don't want it running at the highest safe temps, but if 45C is normal, he would be comfortable knowing that.
45c is normal and very good for that matter. I would only start to worry if it went up over 60c. At that time I would take the HSF off and check the TIM. Since it has probably dissapatied. Then clean everything off, reapply the TIM, mount and go. :)
40c idle doesn't seem that bad to me, but what are the temps under load?
I have a 2600+Thoroughbred and that same board with a Zalman 7000cu HSF and idle at 32c.
Although I would not normally recommend this HS, it is very quiet and may be the solution your friend is looking for.
That temp should be fine. If you're really worried get a better HS.

As for fans, yep Panaflos are great! (I have 5 in my system lol)