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HELP Overclocking Tbird 850 to 1000

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Dec 30, 2003
Im fairly new to OC and would like some help on where to start.
My computer specs are:
850 mhz Tbird model C (unlocked)
Asus A7V classic Via Apollo KT133 Chipset
256 megs of 133mhz sdram
geforce 2
SB live
Full tower
2cd drives

I built this computer a few years ago, but since its getting old. I would like to get the most i can out of it. I am new to OC but i think i know enough to get the job done.

I OC it to 895 mhz by changing the FSB only and would like help with what multiplier/fsb is best to start with.

My current setting is
895MHz: 8.5x Multiplier, 105MHz FSB, 140MHz DRAM
My I/O Voltage setting is default at 3.56
and my Vcore is default at 1.75
I belive my cpu temp is around 30 or 40c

I also read that having a higher FSB is better because it will allow more bandwitdth. i.e.
105x9.5 > 100x10 is that true?

When should i up my I/O voltage?

My goal is to reach 1000mhz or higher
So any tips or suggestions would be helpfull!
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My old rig had a 850 T-Bird on a VIA KT133 chipset...my particular mobo was somewhat limited, although it allowed my to jack my FSB up to 112 (max it would go, giving 952mhz). It was rock solid using one 32mb stick of pc100 and one 128mb stick of pc133. I had no option to change voltages or anything like that; I run a TT Volcano 7+ and it only hits 36°C or so at load. I recently discovered the "How to overclock a Dell" thread also on the forums. I fired the program up and easily jacked the FSB up to 120 giving me well over 1ghz. My TBird seems quite overclockable and yours should be too. I am contemplating slapping it into my current rig and seeing what it will do without ram limitations (PC3200...hmm). Have fun with yours...you should have no trouble getting 1000 with decent ram and cooling..