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Help! Win2k Raid-0 and recognizing HDD

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Feb 20, 2001
I have just put together a brand new system and am at the point where I want to install win2k. I have an Abit kt7a-r with two 40gb WD drives set up as Raid-0. I believe that I have set the BIOS correctly and have also created a Raid-o array. I can see that the BIOS recognizes that I have 2 40 gb drives and one is "Boot" and the other is "Hidden". I have set the boot devices equal to ATA100RAID100 (all 3 of them as instruced in the mobo manual).
I have not formated my hd yet, assuming that win2k will prompt me to do so.
Th ecomputer boots up off of the CD-ROM and I get to the windows 2000 setup screen. After it starts it's process of detecting devices, att eh end it says that it cannot locate any mass storage devices.
What exactly do I need to do to continue?? How can I get it to recognize that there are 2 drives set up in a Raid-0 configuration?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks to all!
So close yet so far away.....
When you install Win2K, watch the screen. During the initial phase of installation you be asked if you want to install optional SCSI or RAID controllers. You need to hit F6 to reply. You have about 8 to 10 seconds to do this. Later during the installation you will be prompted twice for the RAID drivers. The Hot Rod 100 Pro floppy that came with your board has the Highpoint drivers.
Thanks for your answer!
I did eventually figure it out, but I was getting frustrated by the minute! A sentence as simple as your inserted into the mannual would have made my life (not to mention all those others) so much easier. Where is the common sence when it comes to writing these manuals?!?!?!?
There is nothing that lets you know that the Hot Rod 100 floppy contains the Raid control drivers!!!
Anyway, thank you again for taking the time to respond to my plea for help! :)