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Help with CPU Temps

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Feb 9, 2001
Ok . Here are my system specs first:
1.2 ghz Tbird @ 1350mhz (10x135mhz)
Abit KT7A Raid Motherboard
Hercules Geforce 2 Ultra
256megs PC150 TinyBGA
Ibm 61.4 gig hd
SB Live Platinum 5.1
Plextor 16x10x40
Pioneer 16x DVD

for cooling i have a max cool case average temp for system is 23 degrees celcius .. for the cpu i have an alpha pep66 with the black label delta fan and artic silver 2 thermal paste .. my cpu temp is 39 celcius at idle .. what can i do to cool this .. is this an ok temp ?? for idle ?? its says in the via hardware monitor that 40 is cpu hysteresis and 50 is overheat ?? i tried running at 10 x 140 temp still the same ..

any ideas to help cool .. i would think with this cooling i should have good temps ??

please advise .. thanks
ok temps in my books im running @53c. If your really worried,unless you already have some, try some arctic silver it should drop temp a few degrees. otherwise i think its a fine temp. my friend is running @41c so 39c is OK in my books. also you could lap the heatsink but i dont think its worth the effort in your case, your running cool enough.

and the reason your temp didnt go up when you went 10x 140 is cause you didnt raise the vcore did you?
hey thanks for the response ..
well remember .. that 38 celcius temp is and IDLE temp not underload .. so it will prolly be like 50 under heavy load ...
also i have artic silver 2 thermal paste on my chip already ...

and im running the default vcore

I put a 80mm blowhole on the side of the case blowing directly onto the CPU/HSF. It lowered my idle temps by ~6C.