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SOLVED Help with Temps

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I just finished my 850 T-Bird on an asus A7pro and without even overclocking my temps are at 43c and that is at 1.55v at 1.6v it is 49c. I have HSF on but it is just one that I got for like 6 bucks my case has alot of air flow in it. Anyone have any ideas on how to make me run a bit cooler so I can OC safly. How do you lap your HS?
Experience has shown that where HSFs are concerned, you get what you pay for. Since you say your case temps are reasonable, chances are your HSF is not doing the job. Most of the ones that perform nominal or better run around $20.00 or more. Even a good one will not workat its best if you use the thermal pad that cmes with many of them. Toss it and use some heat transfer grease instead. Also, if it is not installed properly, it won't do the job it should. Get a decent HSF (~$20.00) and I bet it will elp your situation.