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How do ypu know if your agp video card is busted?

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Duron Overclocker

Jul 3, 2001
I have gone on a wild goose chase trying to get my computer working and since the only compadible parts I had to cross check were sticks of ram I've replaced EVERYTHING except the ram and video card. the reason I didn't replace the video card was cause I bought it retail originaly and every thing else was off eBay. However, it was sitting out for a little while while other parts were arriving. I want to know what to do before spending any more money.
Generally you'll hear one long beep followed by several short ones if the vid card is bad. Any chance you've got another computer or a friend you can test yours in?
Nope and nope. No beeps. don't say its the processor or Mobo or memory cause they all check out
I dont think you can really know unless your getting beeps or you can test it in another machine.

If no beeps and you know the mobo is good then the mobo recognizes the card and boots up, correct?

Then the only logical explanation is something is defective with the card if the screen is black.

I have an idea. Comp USA sells dirt cheap vga adaptors that are PCI or probably AGP( The slot could be busted.) I can cross check on that.