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How is this even possible?!?

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Apr 25, 2001
Essex, UK
I've busted my 1.1Ghz AMD TB system recently and been put back to my K6-2 450Mhz. Because I was used to a damn fast pc, I decided I would have to overclock this pc. Infact, this pc was getting so hot, it was unstable at 400Mhz! Thats 50Mhz below what the default.

First I changed the dinky generic hsf to a chunkier coolermaster socket7. This allowed me to hit 472Mhz (4.5x105). This kept me going for a while. Then I took the hsf off again and reapplied it with a nice coating of ASone. This allowed me to hit a much nicer 495Mhz (4.5x110). This ran fine at this setting, but I wanted more. I started looking at my old SocketA coolermaster hsf :) The socket difference seemed to be close, so I put it on the K6-2 with ASone. My computer posted, ran win98 and crashed. After a while I found out it was something I installed, not the oc doing it!

Now I can run my system at 523Mhz (4.5x115) but I dont because I fear the voltage to get it there is absolutely insane.

Is it ok to run a K6-2 450@523 (default 2.4v) with 3.0v?
And how the heck can a SocketA hsf fit on a Socket7 slot ?
I've gotten my AMD K6-2 400 up past 500 several times, I normally keep it between 450 and 500. The only times I've had problems are above 500. I've had this thing for years now, and it's been OC'd most of that time. I think the voltage is around 2.2 - 2.5, it's been awhile since I opened that one up. You shouldn't have any problems. I have a cheap hsf I bought when I got the processor. ( I did blow the power supply up with it though....had to buy a 300 watt one for it. )
It's possible because the socket's shape in 370, 7, and A are VERY similar. For example, I'm using a GORB clone designed for socket 370 on my socket 7 K6-2. Also, I run my k6-2-350 @ 2.4, had it @ 2.8 no prob.