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hows this sound for cooling my t-bird??

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Mar 14, 2001
i think i am going go with "the orb" heatsink/fan from coolerguys.com, the one with 2 fans in it, pumps out like 44.1 CFM's of air...its looking good, and maybe that case from coolerguys.com (THEON Cyclone 5000 Ultra Rev2 pumps out like 227 CFM's)...and a purchase of arctic thermal II...hows this sound??
Though the Orb's look neat, the general concensus I've seen on them is "Buy anything else!". I can not speak from experience.

I bought the superorb on the basis of one decent review and cause I figured that two fans must be good. Plus, it looked cool. But it is, at best, ok for mild overclocking. I will be replacing it shortly.

I think the problem with it is that the connecting part between the sink and the fins is fairly small, so all the heat picked up by the sink has to travel through a relatively small area in order to be dissipated. All the other sinks go directly from the base plate to the fins.

Get an Alpha or a Globalwin or a Vantec or any of the others. Or, wait a few weeks and get that copper thing that is in the featured article yesterday.
What, that copper core crusher...jesus man, that thing weights 1 3/4th pounds...DAYUM. :) I would be terrified to the point of urinating on myself when I was putting that puppy on. ;D Regardless of the weight...its got some AWSOME cooling properties. However, since it uses that clip type device, would that not eventually cause stress fractures around the socket itself, after months of heating up, cooling down, and that constant weight on the socket itself...would that not be an issue? You know, that thing would make a good weapon too, so would the hedgehog, cause if you rung someone's bell with one of those...its goona leave a mark... ;D
The Orb is ok for moderate Overclocking. Get the Fop 32-1, or the wbk38. also www.Coolerguys.com is expensive, try www.CoolerChips.com They have really good prices. If you want a really good HSF get a Alpha with delta fan, Like the 6035. I dont think coolerchips sells Alpha's though
ok guys thanks for the info, yea i was between the orb and the wbk one or whatever...so i am gonn go with the wbk, thanks...any suggestions on cases though??
wait one more thing...do u think that wbk will fit on an a7v133 asus mobo?? because isnt the wbk wide than the fop38??
go with the fop-38. it is identical in performance as the wbk (dont let the marketing ploys fool you!) I had the super golden orb and it sucked ***, the global winfop let me get easy 100mhz more than that thermaltake crap!