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HUGE FAN - for a slotket!!!!!!

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Dec 29, 2000
tell me this thing will fit on my abit bh6

I already bought it...

the 85 watt one....!!!!!!!!!

did i get ripped offf???????????????
Depends on your board- I have a PEP66 without the Peltier on an Abit Slotket III on a BF6 and it's ok, but it cost me a DIMM slot. If I used the one you show, I wouldn't have room for any memory at all, so it wouldn't work for me. Plus mine has the fan on top, not on the side... The picture looks like it's configured for a socket board...
oh great......

my boards an abit bh6

it's a slotket........

crap!!!!!!!!- you think there's a way to modify it so it would fit????????

if not then the fan/heatsink would still be good no??? i just thought it would be easier to have the peltier already installed.....

I don't know how the BH6 compares physically to the BF6 I have, so it may not apply. The PEP66 usually has the blower mounted on the top of the sink when mounted on the slotket. You could restore it to that configuration and probably be ok. Might as well wait until it arrives and see what happens.
The BF6 (I use one) is smaller in depth compared to the BH6 (I had one once :))

I use a PEP66 too, no peltier underneath though, and I lose 1 DIMM slot but that's with the shroud attached as Alpha intended. If you put the shroud on properly, on your BH6 it should fit and not cover any DIMMs without the peltier. With the peltier though, you *may* lose one DIMM slot.