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i5 real world vs Prime95

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New Member
Dec 7, 2009
I have an i5 system running with stock fan.

I OC'd the chip by just changing the multiplier and not messing with
the voltage. Upped it from the 2.6Ghz to 3.2Ghz.

I have been running it for 3 days now and have been checking the
temps. Even while downloading some stuff from newsgroups
and at the same time playing a pretty intensive video game,
the max the temps reach on any of the cores was 65 degrees.
Basic temps, like just typing this message has it at 50 degrees.

Microsoft has the max at like 72.5 or something like that..or the
recommended temp..can't really understand how they are getting that

Now when I ran Prime95 for just a few minutes the temp got to 75 degrees.

Its easy enough to buy a better fan but from what I have been reading
I will need to pull out the motherboard to properly secure any fan
I buy which I would really hate to do..

My doubt is will I ever really get the system up to over 72 degrees
with everything I am doing to my system.

Should I really be over worried about this?? The PC has been running
stable now and to be honest..the normal multiplier I think the
MB said was 16x and the temp was only 2 o 3 degrees lower a idle then
what it is now at 20x.

Any thoughts?


Oct 12, 2009
5280, USA
Those temps are safe but you would see an incredible difference by picking up virtually any other aftermarket heatsync.

As for prime95 vs realworld - prime95 certainly pushes your system harder than most "typical" use, therefore it proves to be a great stress test for your system. This is particulalry to show any weaknesses in your system overall, and to ensure than any "extreme" CPU use down the road will not result in instability. Although, if the computer has been stable with out bsods, etc then it's probably going to be more than adequate for your use.