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I'm a failure!!

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Oct 9, 2002
I'm a failure! I can't do mods. I tried to put an old PC in a VCR case...no go. All that achived was killing the monitor port on the MB.

I don't have tons of money or just lots of spending money, I'm just a kid. No CC, and can't get out of my neighborhood w/o my mom/dad driving me! :(

Anybody have ideas? I need stuff--cheap. I need ideas...

Also--My desk sits UNDER my desk, so all I see is the side (w/o the door, its an Antec case) when I walk in my room.

I'm ****ed off. :cry:
well ,start slowly. Go with a window, first try a simple window in hte side, than add in fan holes as well with some fans palces carefuly. than do a top window than do a light. it is al lreletivly cheep there are tons of cool mods for those Antec cases. the light is about $25 window materials for side and top windows are like $20 and if you want I can build you a rheo bus or standard baybus for fan and light controll with switches and or dials.
Here are my tips for modding on the cheap...

1. BE PATIENT. Don't rush any project or make any compromises. The faster you do something, the uglier the end result will be.
2. Always use the right tool for the job. Improvising will often be your downfall and will lead to mistakes.
3. Gain a reputation. 60% of all the supplies I've needed for any kind of project were given to me by people who's computers I was upgrading. Be it screws, old cases, dead appliances, anything.
4. Shop around and know your stuff. If you know what your getting and what the average price is you can get the best deal. Spending less will leave you with more money for other parts you may need.
5. Measure twice, measure again, cut once. All good work takes planning.
6. Plan your projects as much as (or more than) you can stand to. I've found many alternate and less expensive solutions while in the planning stages.
7. I've you hit a brick wall on a project and have a problem you just can't solve, leave it. Come back later after thinking it over and you'll be far less frustrated.
I wouldn't get upset about not being able to put a PC in a VCR. Thats a tuff mod to do. Anytime you have to build you own case, everything has to be perfectly measured and planned, and some times its just not possible.

Captain slug's #5 is the most important rule.
well I know how ya feel. back when i started out with my liquidated compaq presario 5715, 64mb of pc100, 12gb bigfoot drive, 56k modem no NIC onboard sound and video. i had to repalce RAM video sound all drives cept for the 100MB ZIP that I still have in my corent desktop, kindof symbolic. but i had nothing back then, and everyone else was doing all these cool mods and especialy spyder, kept makin me feel like nothing. eventualy i got enough self confidenct not to compare myself to a veteran modder, i learned al labout fsb overclocking how to build a PC and became one of the first to own a dual AthlonMP setup. you gotta start somewhere my first mod was 2 fan holes in my compaq case, side, the holes had window screen netting for grills, on the inside didnt look to bad. added a metal bar to old the fans just inside the holes, becasue the whole case came off at one piece like a sleeve, so the fans had to be secured idferently. it was definatly a POS job, but you gotta have pride in what you do and dont compare yoursewlf to those modders who do it all andh ave unlimited money for thier stuff. be patiant and go at your own pace. and most fellow O/Cers will gladly help you!
Thanks guys, this makes me feel better :)

Captain Slug - Thanks for the info--a good wake-up for me!

Now I gotta think of something simple to start with (if only I had another computer!! agh! :()
By the way...

Anyone have a list of good sites to order from? (low prices??)
I am a beginer too

I haven't oced my comp yet are done any case mods. I have started a clear case. I just keep reading the forms and dreaming. My mom is a little over protective like your parents. Man where did they get the idea someone is going to kidnap a 14 year old boy. That is only in viewing distance of the house. It sucks but i am trying to hang in there. It is a tough life for people like us.
heh.. im just now getting together my window .. my dad is very picky too .. but it really helps if he gives me ideas .. "hes full of em" and he used to be a machinst so hes big on perfectionism :p
im thinking im going to go with a less complicated window design than i originally had in mind .. so .. dont feel bad and puttin a rig in a vcr is'nt easy :cool: and yea slugs #5 rule goes for anything that involves cutting/ shaping i belive its measure twice cut once tho.. not "measure twice measure again cut once.. :p or at least thats how i hear it .. ANYWAY! im rambling .. so ill let you get back to your modding everyone .. have a nice morning .

Twist said:
Thanks guys, this makes me feel better :)

Captain Slug - Thanks for the info--a good wake-up for me!

Now I gotta think of something simple to start with (if only I had another computer!! agh! :()
You're welcome. I read ALL of the way through the alternative modding section here before I felt confident that I could do any modifications beyond cutting out a window.

I highly recommend CompGeeks, NewEgg, Directron, Team Excess, and SVCompucycle

The BEST way to get parts is to earn enough of a local reputation that people will consider giving you their old/outdated parts for free when they clean out a garage, basement, or upgrade a machine. Learn enough to fix computers and you can get parts that way on a frequent basis.
Thanks again!

Those links look really good, if anybody has more, please post 'em.

It's a good thing I have friends that are in to computers, it will help.
im only 15, from the uk, ive been interested in computers for 3 years now, and in that 3 years, ive gained enough experience and a good reputation to get me all the stuff i need, got a weekend job at local comp store, and most of the town has my number just incase something goes wrong with there pc, ive gained alot of stuff from those people.ive managed to mod my pc, build pc's and install one of the biggest network installations in cornwall. (big place down here:)) ive managed to make myown waterblocks, cases, hard drive mod, etc. dont use your age as an excuse. youve just gotta get out of your room and meet people and well sell yourself. Cheers, Turando.

Ps. never buy something you can make:)
Guess what....I have a job, I do web design to make some extra cash. Not bad...good for more PC parts!

Anyways, I hope to get an idea soon. BTW - If you want to see how my PC is under my desk to show you my modding perdiciment, just say so.
so what are u exactly saying?

in your first post, oh i got no money. parents wont let me do anything.

now, uve got enough money coming in to get pc parts, and your pc in under your desk? ****. sounds bad, i know a man that might be able to help you. he will tell you to MOVE your computer.

and if your pc being under your desk is the only place you can put it, why not save your money, buy some thick plexi and replace the top of your desk with it, vwola , pc can be seen with the naked eye once more!
For cheap parts..... ask anyone you no who got a new computer if you can have the old one. Then strip it down. Keep every usefull peice. Through your screws in a container you might need them later. Old PSUs have fans that you can rip out and put a connector on and use as case fans (90% of my fans are old PSU fans) , Keep all the old parts too that are not to old and can still be used in a new computer. Then somebody maybe will be asking (cause the know you are a computer geek, I am one) if you have a floppy drive and you can sell him one. Or sell all your old parts in the casafieds section, there is always someone willing to by your old parts to bulid a folding machine or something.

If you want a good spot to buy fans and other modding stuff go to 2cooltech.com The guy there also has some very good beginger guides. If it was not for him I would never have found overclockers.com
Damn 14 year olds with 2Ghz procs ;) intepid, i started EXACTLY like you, with my 500Mhz k6 with two blowholes in the side, then i did some ****ty excuse for a paintjob(a spider got stuck on the top while it was drying, lol) not im in the bigtimes with mirror finishes, lexan windows, stealth drives, homemade baybus(did last night:D) not to mention the cc's, and the 11 fans in my pc, and the extra power supply for lighting and water pump, im getting carried away, my point is, im 16 and i think i can do some kickass mods(im puttin a 8-bit NES in mypc like yoshi and im puttin a pc in an old stereo amp) i have NO cash flow. im opening up a business after christmas though so i hope that will change. just kjeep trying and buyin new cases. ive never payed over 40 dollars for a case. haha, screw lian-li! ;) well im gettin really carried away, sorry. keep at it, practice makes perfect, and if you need parts, pm me. i can hook you up ;)