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Installing the WBK38

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Oct 16, 2001
I have a Global WIN WBK38 HSF. I find it very hard to install this HSF because the clip is very tight. I read on Gloabl WIN's web site that I should use a flat-head screwdriver -- I still find it hard to install. Anyone have any suggestions on how to install this HSF? Thanks!
Although I've never installed a WBK38, I have installed a CAK38. I'm assuming they're similar. I prefer to use a nutdriver instead of a screwdriver. Just find one that'll slip over the clip, but not be too large. It gives me a sense of security, as it's almost impossible for the nutdriver to slip off. Hope it helps!
I've got that HS and I used the largest screw driver from my precision screw driver kit. Makes a nice fit in the slot on the HS. After 1 year of that damn Delta whining I'm switching over to WATER!
Thanks for the replies. I used a medium-sized flat head and it kept slipping off. I guess I better get a hold of a something larger or a nutdriver. Hmm, if I knew that WBK38 is so hard to install, I would've gotten something else! :mad:
I ran my CAK38 for about a year, and had it off a couple of times while I was playing around with cooling Ideas. I never realized how bad the clip was until I installed my new HHC-001. It's clip is pure heaven to use!. I'll always use it as a comparison for other clips.