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Just got my FOP 38

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Jan 18, 2001
I just got my FOP 38. I thought you guys were exagerating when you said that It sounds like a hairdryer, but omg you guys weren't kidding. I read that some of you guys got it to quiet down after oiling it. Some of you say that it quiets down after time buy itself. Is this true? How do I oil it and with what type of oil. I have some singer machine oil, would that work? Where do I put the Oil?

Also the clip on this thing is really stiff. Is this thing safe to use? could i damage my cpu applying this thing?

I heard that some of you grind the bottom of this thing too. Should I do the same? I already ruined the thermal pad on the bottom but I have some alumium oxide thermal grease I can use ( not arctic silver). Wouldn't using the grease make it unessesary to grid this thing.
As far as oiling it goes...I have no idea. I woul recommend lapping it though. My FOP32 uses the same heatsink and it was pretty rough on the bottom. With as thin of a layer of thermal grease that you need to use, lapping is a good idea.

The retainer clips on these things are very stiff and it is possible to crack your die, but only if you aren't very careful in how you do it.

I put a small flat head screwdriver in the small slot that is on one end of the clip to push down while holding the latch out in order to get mine on. Snapped down no problem and without any unnecessary force. Some choose to bend the clip a little in order to relieve some of the pressure and others even replace the clip with another altogether that isn't so stiff.
Wow new icons, sweet...anyways for your questions...lapping as mentioned in the second post is using fine sandpaper on a piece of glass or something else perfectly flat to take the tiny ridges out of the bottom of the heatsink...you dont wanna just take a piece of sand paper or grinder to the thing. You should use grease regardless if you lap it or not. Id swap the clip out if i was you...oiling the fan requires removing it <you have to pull down on the spring clips that hold the fan in and then pull them out and away from where they go under the fins of the sink...ie look at it straight on on the clip side, grab that little piece of spring metal and pull down and then out and it should pop off, then take the fan off, remove the sticker on the bottom and put your oil in there...sewing machine oil is ussually good quality, but a dab will do ya, you dont want to much
don't oil it!!! Just take care applying it. It takes a bit of force to get it on, but it cools really well. Gotta love that delta fan