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SOLVED Looking for a quiet case

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I found a winner. The Antec P7 Silent. No frills, but sound dampening, great airflow (no HDD cages in the upper chamber), filters, small size for an ATX capable case, and $56 shipped from newegg. For the intended purpose, it appears to be perfect. I'm not building a showpiece or an overloaded server farm, so with the goal of minimal hardware in the box and stuffing it in a corner the P7 looks perfect. And it frees up funds towards a Noctua NH-D15.

Thanks, guys. This thread has had some great suggestions, as evidenced by the unavailability of most of them. Somebody is buying the heck out of the suggested cases. The P7 Silent is cheap, does what I need, and is available. Big win!
https://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod...ntec P7&cm_re=Antec_P7-_-11-129-236-_-Product
I have a couple spare Corsair 120 mm fans I can put in the front, and with no HDD cages in the upper chamber I figure I should be able to get a somewhat positive air pressure situation by putting a 140 mm in the back. All Noctuas, eventually, so three 140s or two 140s and a 120. I live in the factory where they make dust for North America so that's a biggie for me. LOL
How long have you had it? What are your impressions?
My memory stinks. I bought it at Frys so I can't look up my purchase history. But I have had it several years. The power button broke almost immediately so I had to repair it myself. Other than that it is a good case. Solid, toolless drivebays, wider than standard and came with a few speed adjustable fans. It seems to be priced at $100 currently. I know I paid around half that. Because, if I was spending $100 I would have gotten an Antec or something similar.

Alaric, I dig the Antec case you got.
Haven't gotten it yet. I have some equipment I have to buy for another hobby first, but my financial situation may improve a smidge soon, so maybe this coming month. :D
Would it fit somehow EATX mobo if one would try? I would get F51, but is impossible to find and F31 does not seem to support EATX.
Hmm, well either way. As Cezar mentioned the F51 does support EATX but the F31 does not. In order to fit one there would likely be some mods and/ or elimination of the HDD Caddy.

I'm not really sure why Cezar posted here though. Neither of those cases should be considered silent. EDIT: Only the F31 has noise reduction features.
There is a non-windowed version of F51. They also slap sound dampening on the side and front panels. However I must say the top is basically open with that magnetic filter covering it. I was also curious about how safe are those magnetically attached dust filters for HDDs in the case?
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Will not be a problem. The magnets are neither strong enough nor close enough to impact the HDD.