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mental block: can you help me out?

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Apr 5, 2001
I finally have all the parts - I've tested outside the case - ready to put it all into action - except for this total mental block. I cannot for the life of me picture how to bleed the air out of the system. It was easy in the bathtub! It's all in the case - buttoned up - ready to rock - now what?!

I'm using:
BeCooling block and radiator
Panaflo fans
Eheim 1046 pump
Joe's Two Legged Waterblock Clip

I think that's the pertinent data. I'm sittin' here cookin' in frustration. If someone could help me out I'd sure be appreciatin' it. Thanx.

PS: In the words of the immortal Gilda Radner, "Nevermind." ttyl
If you have a resivour you can fill it up there but if you don't and are usining an inline setup the simplest way is to add a T on the intake side of the pump. Attach a piece of tubing to the T and fill/bleed through it when finished just put a plug in it. For a more complex but really neat setup check my web site and look at my water cooled case.