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My new 120mm hs fan works great!

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Nov 16, 2001
U.S. East Coast
My load temps are now 35C/24C down from 42C/30, and my idle temps are 32C/24C down from 36C/26C. This is a mid-tower, not overclocked yet, with 2 front fans, 1 rear fan and 3 PSU fans (1 rear, 1 front, 1 bottom).

I got my 120mm Panaflo L1A fan today so I removed the shield and 80mm fan from my Alpha PAL8045 hs. I then screwed 4 machine screws, 3/16" x 4", into the Panaflo. I then bent a 2" x 20" piece of aluminum into a square and attached it to the fan with 2-sided 3M tape so 1 inch of the aluminum extends past the face of the fan on 4 sides. I then suspended it over the hs by attaching 2-sided 3M tape to the machine screws, the fan, the PSU and case, very secure. The 1" of aluminum extending past the face of the fan forms sort of a mini-duct that's funnelling 69 CFM from the Panaflo to the hs. It's the low speed model, only 30db. :)
I have been thinking about doing something along these lines with my 8045. But with the fan sucking air off of the sink and directly out the side of the case. This serves 2 purposes first it will function as one of the exaust fans so noise will be lowered and 2nd the heat from the cpu goes outside rather then heating up the case making it easier to keep the case temp the same as ambient.
Thanks Dissolved, yes I'm now ready to o/c, just want to do some more mods 1st. Sorry no pics yet Adriano; I'll post as soon as I get a PC cam. Ken257, I cut a hole in my 1st case and ducted the exhaust straight out the side, but it didn't lower temps enough to justify the increased noise.

I'm now going to duct the front fans to the Panaflo so the cool air goes straight to the hs. Right now I've got fairly good air flow front to back so my ambient temps are low. However, I'm hoping the duct to the Panaflo will lower the CPU temps even at the expense of raising the ambient temps. I'll just let my rear fans deal with exhausting the hot air. From what I've read from other posts, ducting cool air directly to the hs works better. Lunch hour's over, back to work.
yea, i did that mod in my old case....i used 2 120mm for intake, and 1 for exhaust, since the 2 intake had filter on it, so their airflow decreased by 50%.
and i could get my 1700+(wasn't OCed yet) down to 28C idle/33C after 5 hrs of GhostRecon.
now i'm using the PC-65 now....the temp rase to 33/37.....time to mod again.

i missed my old case....:eh?:
whoa. nice mod! thanks for the advice. i'll go get myself a 120mm panaflo and start modding! this is going to be sweet. my first mod. if this is successful. i'm going to get more 120mms to replace my 80mm case fans too.
Had tried other 80mm fans up to only 3500RPM with negligible improvement. The last fan I was using was my 80mm Panaflo, low speed model FBA08A12L, 1900 RPM fan speed, 24.0 CFM air flow, 21.0 dBA noise level. It's my rear fan now. The 120mm fans are the way to go. Less noise for the air they move than the smaller fans. :)