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My overclock of the i5

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Oct 3, 2005
Mesquite, Texas
Hey guys, I finally got my new PC built and overclocked my i5 to 3.36 ghz. Sadly, I have been a member to these forums for quite a while and still have limited knowledge on overclocking. Technically this is my first "real" overclock. So here is what I have so far, mind you this is with stock cooling.



I ran prime95 over night and the system seem to maintain stability. I didn't change any of the voltage. all I did was up the multiplier to 21x from 20x and increase the bus speed from 133 to 160. The only thing that really bothers me is the temps the CPU is getting, on full load it was running at 72C with prime95. I guess I need to get a new CPU cooler.

So what do yall think? Did I do everything correctly? Does more information need to be provided?

Let me know :)


Feb 22, 2009
Your doing ok for a first time overclock.

72 degrees on Maximum Load is normal. If you tried to hit 200 Bclk with 21 Multi at 4.2 with turbo boost unlocked, you would be seeing temps of 82+ even with a excellent HSF.

160 is a good overclock for these. One thing SamSaveMax and I have noticed is that if you let the turbo boost do its job, set at even a 160 multi, you get the same performance as a 200 Multi locked without turbo, but without the added heat and stress on the system.