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need help on my first liquid cooling loop

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Jul 1, 2016
I have an AMD fx9590 and a MSI R9 290x(8gig) that I want to liquid cool. I have ok temps with the air cooling I have installed, but I want them lower. I have never ventured into the world that is liquid, and need some assistance. I have around $200-$250 to play with and would at least like to liquid cool the cpu. I want to have a custom loop that if I choose to, can open up and add to it. Eventually I want the cpu, gpu and mb under liquid.
The problem I have, is that I dont know what products are good and which are garbage. I stuck too much money into my rig to have it melt down.
Thank you for your help!
If you can fit a 280 on the top, have a look at the Swiftech H240X.

It is an expandable AIO. All components are parts usually used for custom loops.

I use one on which I've added 1x140mm and 1x280mm radiators and a GPU block.

The pump can handle it easily.

The H240X costs around $150. A 280mm rad and fans around $90. I got a very good universal GPU block for £20. You add tubing/fitting ($30), and you'll have a full loop for $300.

The FX and the 290X are both power monsters. You need at least 5x120 or 4x280 to keep a decent ambient/water delta without using turbine jet fans.

FYI, my setup keeps my CPU in the low 80's for the hottest [email protected]/1.34v, and my GPU below 40c, when both@100% load.
I looked at the swiftech before. I seen alot of reviews that people find plastic chips in the liquid. Clogging and killing the thing
Just saying what others had said. That was the very first one i looked at. I liked the way it looked. I liked how it had a resavoir on it. I just liked it.
The Swiftech is a great, expandable, option. They come in multiple sizes (240mm, 280mm, 360mm) with their new X2 lineup.

In the eBay link to the case it only mentions using 1x120mm radiator, do you have a manufacturer link to it?
Just because you can fit fans somewhere doesn't mean you can fit a radiator.
Can you fit fans in the upper plastic shroud?
If not I don't think you'll get a 240mm AIO in the top.

Also, what motherboard are you using?
I think a Swiftech or a XSPC D5 kit should be taken a look at as your option or you could purchase each thing individually. I should note the pump with the XSPC D5 kit is stronger than the Swiftech AIOs.

Hope you have read and done research on this on how to maintain a loop and what and what nots that go with its territory. Have a read on our stickies if you haven't in this section.

:welcome: to OCFs.
and i think with a little case mods, i can fit a 360 in the top...
Hello im also using a Fx-9590 which is water cooled as well as the vrm and NB (since the vrm and NB are connected with the stock heatsink) used the ASUS 990FX Sabertooth Rev2.0. Since that motherboard allows me to use the "custom waterblocks" from Koolance i still had to cut a bit for the vrm coper plate. And you do need some good cooling on the vrm since the FX-9590 takes allot of voltage and stress from the vrm depending on what you do with your system. If you do have heavy tasks a highly recommend water cooling the vrm as well. Currently using a XSPC-RX480 rad, a Koolance cpu-380 cpu block and blocks for the vrm and NB also from Koolance. Temps idle cpu = 31c which is good imo and vrm was about 34c idle once i used prime my cpu went to 55c-57c (hwi-monitor) if i remember correctly....and vrm went to 55-57c about same as cpu. But you are also want to add a gpu which is a hot head...so if i was you i would definatley add a 240 or a 360 rad. Next question would be head pressure of your pump going through 4 blocks plus 2 rads

Here is a link to the blocks for vrm and NB and more information which i also used to cool my vrm and nb. Question now is what MB are you using and does it has proper power phases on vrm it needs to be with the FX-9590....or...skip the waterblock on the gpu since that budget of yours won't cut it im afraid...other wise add 100 to 150 more on top of your current budget...cpu+gpu blocks nets around 150 to 170 dollar, vrm block + nb block around 70 dollar and additional costs for radiator(s) 100 to 120 dollar or more. And a good pump it would be great if you already have a good pump.


Here is how it looks like: Just my 2 cents hope it helps

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