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Need KT&-RAID help setting up drives.

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Dec 19, 2000
Must I connect both drives (IBM GXP deskstars 46.1GB) to channels 3 and 4 in master? Also, what is block size option in the HPT370 BIOS setup for? What should I set block size at?

And do I need to install the VIA 4 in 1 drivers (running Win98SE). Some have said yes, some no.
So I should avoid any of the newer 4 in 1 drivers? BTW, I can't get that link to work. Do you have another?
if all you are using is IDE 3 and 4 you don't need the IDE part of 4in1 it is only for IDE 1 and 2 ---but you need the rest. If you have CD or CDRW or DVD you also need the 4in1 IDE Drivers.....The HIGHPOINT Drivers are what Controls IDE 3 and 4 VIA Has nothing to do with them....Best block size I have heard is 16k but my Defrag prog Diskeeper won't Defrag over 4K size for NTFS Drives so thats what I set Mine at. You can di Master Slave and RAID some say it takes a performance hit I Haven't seen it. On My KT7 Board I have boot on IDE 3 Master and other 2 on IDE 4 Master-Slave Raid so I can get ATA100 Boot. Don't need it on KT7A so Boot is IDE 1 and Master-Master on IDE 3 and 4 for Raid both work ok.......I'm also using latest 4in1 4.29x no problems...
You are using 3 drives in a RAID on a your KT7? One in IDE3 has master and two on IDE4 in master and slave? Hmm. Didn't know you could do that.

So 4k is the block size I need if I want to be able to defrag? What does changing the block size do? Speed things up? What's the ideal setting?
Block size has to do with how much data is moved at once 4K 8K 16K etc. This is what gives performance eg: most data transfered per. But systems being different applies here too. Most recommendations are for 16K Block size for performance.

I have My drives as 1 single 2 in RAID BUT as far as I know You could put 4 Drives IDE 3 and 4 and Raid 0 all of them into one device it gives the option to checkmark all of your drives when creating the RAID You can also do IDE 3and 4 masters as RAID 0 IDE 3 and 4 slaves as another RAID 0 and I think then use those two as RAID 1 eg: slaves Mirroring masters or vice versa....I THINK not sure haven't tried it...
Thanks for the info. I think 90GB ought to hold me for awhile.

If I set block size to 16K, will I be able to defrag?