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New Build Review Please!

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Mr. Roboto

Dec 6, 2005
New Hampshire
Hey Guys,

I have been out of the PC game for longer than I'd like to admit. As you can see from my sig, I haven't build one since about 2008 :shock:

I am really itching to get back in to my old favorite hobby, and would like to build a new gaming PC. Of course, lots has changed. I've been trying to educate myself over the last week or so. For now, I am only going to be pushing a 1080p screen.... from what I gather, most serious gaming rigs are running 4K monitors at native resolution on high settings. Pretty insane.... so I wouldn't rule out the possibility of getting a new higher res screen at some point.

Anyways, here is what I've piece together. I have a Corsair TX750 power supply from my old PC that I bought around 2012ish to replace a failed unit. Will this be enough to run what I've pieced together below? Should it have whatever power connections are required?

Id like to get the thumbs up that everything here will work together with favorable results. I'm trying to stick to the 1500ish mark. The below comes in at 1450ish. I am really lost on what to use for a CPU cooler, so anything you can recommend would be great. I also had a tough time selecting the motherboard. Want to stick with the latest 390 chipset, but I am overwhelmed with the options that even one single manufacture offers, let alone all of them combined.

CPU i7 8700K

Motherboard ASUS ROG Strix Z390-H

Ram G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR4 3200 8gb x 2

GPU EVGA GeForce RTX 2070

Case Cooler Master MasterCase H500


Are these M.2 drives the way to go? I had not even heard of them until I started doing research.

I should also mention that there is little to no chance I'll be overclocking anymore. I think those days are behind me... just looking for stability at this point.

Thanks again for taking the time to give me some feedback, it's much appreciated.
Looks like solid choices to me. My only concern is using that 6 year old PSU. That's risky. If the PSU goes it could take out some of your newer, expensive components. By the way, you could easily get by with a quality 650 watt PSU because you are running only one video card. You might want to take a look at the EVGA G2/G3 Super Nova series.

M.2 comes in two different bus technologies. There is SATA-based M.2 which gives the same performance as a SATA SSD. There is also m.2 NVME which utilizes the wider bus of the PCI-e subsystem and is considerably faster. The 970 Evo is of the latter type. In reality, the only time you would notice much difference between the two M.2 types is the NVME variety shaves the boot up time about in half. Once you get into Windows you would be hard pressed to tell much difference. Because of that, you might also look at a larger capacity SSD to get more storage for less bucks. There are some good sales on them right now.
List looks ok to me. :)

The TX line of psus were solid budget offerings. It should still be fine. It has plenty of power to run your proposed system. The psu has protections in place and if it should fail likely wont take anything out. Regardless, I'd grab a new one. 650w evga g2/g3 is a great suggestion.
Thank you both for the info I will gladly give up some boot time in order to save some money and increase capacity. I will have to do some more research. I will be doing a 2tb hard disk as well for storage.

And thanks for the info on the psu. For the 100 or so dollars the EVGA psu will run me, I may as well just replace it now.
I ended up pulling the trigger. Fairly close to what I posted, but went with 9700k, ASUS ROG 390-H, EVGA 2070, 2 x 8gb g.skill DDR4 3200, EVGA 750w G3, Samsung evo 500gb nvme, WD Black 2tb storage drive, cooler master h500p mesh, and a Noctua NH-U14s.

I’m really excited to build another PC, and to have something higher end again. It has been far too long. Thanks for the help!
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Started building it tonight! I don't have the damn screw for the m.2 drive so I stopped for the evening. The GPU and RAM are not in yet either... they should be here mid week.

I think I'll start a separate thread for showing pics/benchmarks once it's complete :)

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Yeah, not there :( the mobo manual says it should be pre installed in the m.2 standoff of the board, but they’re all empty.
Sometimes they come with the drive as well, I think. Did you check the drive packaging? You didn't get an open box motherboard did you?
I feel like a dummy, but I did find the screw. It was in a separate bag from the rest of the screws, hidden away in a little compartment in the cardboard packaging of the motherboard. Got the NVMe drive mounted and the cpu heat sink installed. Just waiting on the graphics card and ram at this point. I need to purchase windows, too. Been trying to find it on sale somewhere, but no luck.
Damn! I think I missed the boat. the direct links to the URCDKeys site gives me a 404, and if I manually search for Windows 10 on that site, nothing comes up.
You can also get a Windows 10 pro OEM key for under $40 at kinguin.net. I also see Windows 10 Home keys for sale on ebay for around $10 but I can't vouch for their legitimacy. Kinguin.net is legit. Been around for several years. After you have the key you can download the ISO from Microsoft.
You can also get a Windows 10 pro OEM key for under $40 at kinguin.net. I also see Windows 10 Home keys for sale on ebay for around $10 but I can't vouch for their legitimacy. Kinguin.net is legit. Been around for several years. After you have the key you can download the ISO from Microsoft.

Thanks, I came across them as well, but have read a lot of mixed reviews from people online (pertaining to games, mostly). Everyone on this Forum seems to rave about them though. Stupid question, all of their prices are in AUD.. no issues with buying and installing in the us and paying with US payment?
Nope. I'm in the USA and have used Kinguin.net many times. No issue with payment. I use Paypal.