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Now here&#39s a whacky idea....

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Jan 12, 2001
Since I've got my hands full right now networking a system for my wife, the last thing I need to be thinking about is building another box.

However...I have a copy of W2K, and rather than the dual-boot setup I originally had in mind, how about a dedicated W2K box? OK, and since W2K can use it, how about a dual-processor setup? And although I've been a total Intel guy up to now and am completely ignorant of all things AMD, I can't help noticing the performance/price thing happening here. So...

Anybody out there ever heard of a dual AMD board? I have actually done a little looking, and Asus and Abit don't make one; haven't checked other brands yet.

I don't even know what I would do with this thing, but I find the idea of building an obcenely overclocked dual-AMD W2K box kind of fun.

Too nuts?
AMD will probably be the first people to release a dual processor chipset with the 760MP, which, by the way, probably won't be going mainstream to motherboard manufacturers for another month or so...so expect the boards themselves to be readily available sometime in April or May (hopefully)

I was thinking about doing the same thing, but with two Palamino athlons at about 1.4GHz each--and I think I'll wait until PC2600 memory becomes available
Very cool. That'll give me something to look out for this spring.