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OEM vs Retail voodoo 3 AGP

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New Member
Jun 12, 2001
Anyone know if there is a difference in performance in the OEM VS Retail version of the voodoo 3? I have herd stories but nothing solid.
I'm looking into getting a voodoo 3 from EBAY, and there are a ton of OEM versions. is it worth it to pay a little more for the retail version?
And is there any problems using the voodoo3 with an asus P5A-b MB?
the only difference should be a software bundle.
the retail version of the v3 3000 agp for example included unreal,(or UT), need for speed 3, and desent 3.
the OEM won't have this, it would only have the install cd.
there shouldn't be any difference in the preformance side, though i remember once reading there was a difference in some cards labled as the v3 3000, in that some did not have an s-video output.
othere than that, there honestly should be no diffeerence in preformance at all.
also, if your are going to pick one up, make sure you know of a place where you can get the last versions of the drivers released by 3dfx, since they went under, they no longer have them at the old website.
I use a voodoo 3 right now, I slapped a fan on it that was supposed to cool a P3 and overclocked it to 195mhz from 166. I went to comp usa a bought a kyro 2 64sdram and i wasnt happy of the results so im brining the kyro 2 back. If you overclock it will be faster than the geforce mx cards when playing unreal t or quake 3 games. I do want to upgrade soon but i think the only thing out there is the geforce gts pro 64 ddr or 32 ddr or the Ultra and geforce 3 cards that will blow the voodoo 3 out of the water. Visual qualitys were better with the kyro 2 but i thought it was more sluggish. Its all up to you , but if your running anything over 1000mhz and you want a cheap card that will be fast kyro2 is probbly a good deal. The kyro2 is more cpu dependent. I know you can buy a voodoo 5500 for under 100 bucks on pricewatch
neither get the voodoo5 5500 for 50 bucks! it is only the card in a static bag but hey it is only 50bucks. see cyber deals for details and thank Mudthangerist. well Mud something for the HOT deal