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--Only Boots Sometimes--

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World's Biggest E-Thug
Feb 9, 2002
Hi all, i just recieved my new maxtor ata 133 HDD and have ran
into some problems. my system only boots sometimes.

i turn it on, and sometimes it all turn on but just sits at a black
screen. then somtimes it boots normally. out of 10 power ons
only 2 have posted.

i also have scratched some of the CPU core around the edges
but no biggy. one time it gave me a LONG CONTIOUS BEEP
from the mobo. didnt know what that was but i havent run
into that again.

what is causing my only sometime posts? thanks for the help,
tell me if you need any more info.
Was it when you got the new hdd that this started? If so check the IDE cable...if the hdd was having issues it'd probably still boot just have trouble recognizing the drive, but if there is a short in your IDE cable it could be cuasing a ground where there shouldn't be one...

If its not that, try a different hdd, like your old one if you still got it, and then since you mentioned the CPU, start doing some other trouble shooting. Try and remove components, use different RAM, etc, and see if you can nail down the culprit.

Also, just had a thought...might wanna clear the CMOS and then put your settings back incase things got funky in the BIOS...

maxtor hdd

I found that my ide cable sits loose in the raid controller, and sometimes it won't boot because of that. That's the 1st thing I check when the pc won't boot from the HDD.