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Overclocking a GeForce2 Pro...need some help/advice :)

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Jun 21, 2001
I have a Leadtek GeForce2 Pro 32mb. It advertises 5.5ns memory...but I think it may have come with 5ns (i got the RAM running at 466mhz)

Anyway...how exactly do you OC these things? I've heard that you do RAM first...then GPU speed...right?

Also...how low/high should I keep the temps?

And, what is a "good" overclock? And about how far should I try to go?

I've been messing around with WinFox (the tweaking program it came with), and i have GPU speed at 233mhz, and memory at 466mhz. It ran 3dmark2k1 with no problems; i got a score of 3375. Not bad on a Duron 750@863 :)

I'm about to loop 3dmark2k1 and see if it will crash or not...

Is this the "proper" way to go about testing an OCed video card?

Good score.

Word of advice. Lose the winfox program. Now that you know how to overclock the card, which you are doing right, download the latest drivers from here and try NVmax and/or coolbits from here.

I use the 12.90 drivers and coolbits with no problems and great scores.