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Jan 16, 2001
Tacoma, WA
I am currently running a Duron 750 at 900 and it is at 113 F right now. Under load it goes up to around 123. This is fine, I hope, but this is the cold season. When summer gets here the temp in my apt. gets in the high 80's low 90's and I'm sure it would be muder to keep this set up. So I guess I need something better. I have good case airflow so I was thinking a peltier. I know nothing about peltiers so could someone clue me in, or atleast guide me to a couple of good articles?


Also what is the suggested temps for AMD's?

Thanx again
Go check out the peltier articles on the frontpage, they will clear up all the mystery.

Thanks I am an idoit for not immeiatly doing that. I also talked to Tom Leufkens about getting one from him. I also looked at the peltiers at Swifttech. Which ones would be better or are there other places I should look at?