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Please share 80mm CPU fan funnelling experiences

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Feb 22, 2001
I am considering using an 80mm fan funnel-adapted onto my CPU HS. Right now I am using an FOP-38. I am going to upgrade the HS to something copper soon. Please share your funneling tips. How tall of a funnel, bracing it, any other useful hints. Thanks in advance!
I went to the local Hardware Super-Store and bought some copper flashing. I was able to cobble up this 60mm to 80mm adapter, which works great. The reason for using copper is you can solder the seams easily.

Very cool Hoot. How does the performance compare to the setup you had before funneling? I know it's no Hoot Chute, but did you at least achieve performance equal to the prior setup?
I think your use of copper makes a lot of sense. It is certainly easy to work with. I wonder if it acts as an extension of the heatsink.
Which particular 80mm fan did you choose to mount on this funnel?
I think I will be visiting Home Depot or Lowes tonight. IF I get my car back from the shop today. My power steering pump idler pulley BROKE OFF while I was driving yesterday, and my steering all but vanished. No accident though!
I used a Sanyo Denki Petit Ace 25 that mistakenly got thrown in with an order I received from Millisec.com.

It's very quiet and bested the YS-Tech 26cfm on the ThermoEngine I was testing, by 5C. Then, being a glutton for punishment, I put the LOUD 80mm 69cfm Delta Howler from my Swiftech MC-462A on and got the temp down to 36C running my Tbird 1.0G/266 at 10x145 (84W) with Prime95 Torture!

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My first serious overclocking experience was with a CoolerMaster HS and an 800 Bird. The Bud Fandapter kept me going for a couple of months with dual 80 mm fans. While the FOP 32 I use on the bench slays it, I believe the dual 80 mm fan Bud Fandapter CoolerMaster is on par with a ThermoEngine.